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Tips for Living with a Housemate for the First Time

by mt1sn Posted on 173 views
Whether you are heading to university and going to live close to the campus, moving to the UK for the first time, or need somewhere to live as a working professional, it’s getting more and more expensive today for young, single people to live on their own. Living with a housemate is becoming a common ...
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Five On-Trend School Accessories

by mt1sn Posted on 201 views
Buying supplies ready for the return to school can be tedious, especially when you’re stocking up on the same items year on year. Highlighters? Check. Pinboard? Check. Sneakers? Check. But the back-to-school shopping trip doesn’t need to be boring – these five on-trend accessories will ensure you are ready to learn while keeping up with ...
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The Dos and Don’ts for Getting Dressed on Your Big Day

by mt1sn Posted on 156 views
You’ve spent months building up to today – your wedding. You’ve got the perfect dress, a theme you love, and a wonderful venue. However, it’s a little early to truly relax – you can do that after the speeches. Here are the top dos and don’ts for getting dressed on your wedding day Don’t get ...
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4 Great Kinds of Subscription Boxes to Try

by mt1sn Posted on 687 views
Subscription services have been around for a long time, but it appears that in the last decade or so they have grown increasingly popular. Whereas before you might have just subscribed to your favorite magazine, now you can have all kinds of fun things delivered to your door weekly or monthly. They are a great ...
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How to Plan a Last-minute Road Trip

by mt1sn Posted on 1539 views
Maybe you have an unexpected break from work, or a sudden urge to travel, but whatever your reason might be, a last-minute road trip is often a welcome escape from the routines of daily life. While a road trip does not require quite as much planning as overseas travel, it still demands some organization. Below ...
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