The Ketogenic diet: How it Works and the Benefits

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When I had to cut on body fat without extensive training, a lean nutritional plan on the components of the ketogenic diet was utmost to consider. It is also seen that these natural sweeteners have also impacted on the aspects of weight gain, and the associated levels of blood sugar and insulin spike. A ketogenic ...
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Tip For The Perfect Date: Aphrodisiac Foods

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It’s always a good idea to have fine dining with your date partner to blossom your love more. With a cosy ambience and candlelight dinner you can create a perfect mood to get a little closer. Prior choosing any restaurant for your date it is very imperative to look at the menu. This is because ...
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The Top 3 Most Romantic Dinners Anyone Can Cook

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They say the route to a lover’s heart is through their stomach, and what better way is there to start your evening date than with a spoonful of mouthwatering goodness. A sly seductive gaze over a few glasses of wine, little kisses over a bowl of mouth-watering noodles/pasta, a sweet dessert for the sweet-toothed to ...
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Agave: The Sweetener Without Compromises

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What is Agave and Why Should I Use It? It is likely that you have heard of agave given its continually increasing popularity and coverage. However, many people may not know what agave actually is, or know it simply as “something involved in making tequila.” While tequila is certainly a popular—and appreciated—use of the plant, ...
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How They Make Cortados in New York City and Spain

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A cortado is a drink that blends espresso coffee mix with warm milk. Typically, this milk is dense, rather than frothy or foamy. The word cortado is Spanish and means “dilute,” which is a reference to how the espresso mix is diluted with milk. It is most popular in Spain and Portugal, but it’s widely ...
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