Scotland falls victim to a sharp increase in violent crime

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Since March of 2018, statistics have shown a staggering increase in violent crimes across Scotland. This criminal epidemic has seen over 8,000 recorded non-sexual crimes, up from a figure of 7,268 recorded in the previous year. With sexual offenses increasing at a similar rate, crime is now seen to be at the highest levels observed ...
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Food Health

Agave: The Sweetener Without Compromises

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What is Agave and Why Should I Use It? It is likely that you have heard of agave given its continually increasing popularity and coverage. However, many people may not know what agave actually is, or know it simply as “something involved in making tequila.” While tequila is certainly a popular—and appreciated—use of the plant, ...
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Top Ways House Painters Are Helping Residents Get the Best of Their New Homes Through House Painting

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Home improvement strategy aimed at enhancing the feel and look of your home is always presented on a long list. Each item on this list is always very important, however, some tend to be considered not pressing or termed “unimportant” like painting. Unknown to many house owners is the fact that painting is one of ...
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How to Prepare for Your Travel Abroad

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Travelling is an activity that is enjoyed by many, but aside from the fun that you will have on your trip, you also need to spend some time preparing for it, regardless of where you are going. Naturally, the first step is to book your destination, but do you also know what to do during ...
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Passing Drug Tests with and healing through the process of detoxification

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When the ingestion of solid food is stopped, the stomach is naturally emptied and a “forced vacation” begins. All the energies used in the digestion process are now being used and directed to disposal systems. During the detoxification treatment, using natural juices, alkaline water, Vitarium Spa therapies, and physical exercise, walking in nature – there may ...
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