Maintaining Technology in Your Business: A Guide

by mt1sn Posted on 218 views
In 2019, consumers spent almost a whopping $4 trillion on tech. A large figure, and this really stands to highlight the importance of technology in the world. But technology is also important in business, and without regular and scheduled maintenance, the tech we rely on for our businesses can fall apart. Whether you’re running a ...
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5 Creative Ways to Revamp Your Old Coffee Table

by mt1sn Posted on 425 views
Do you have an old coffee table that just doesn’t fit with your aesthetic anymore? Are you considering throwing it in the dumpster and buying a new one? Well, you might want to reconsider that. Instead, learn about the top 5 five ways to revamp it and bring some life back into it. Using a ...
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Health Lifestyle

7 Careers That Can Be Great for Your Health

by mt1sn Posted on 312 views
The conventional idea that work should be difficult, tiresome, and even grueling, is not the kind of mindset that’s conducive to long-term success and enjoyment. It’s important to place the emphasis on “enjoyment” in that opening statement because many people are highly successful but simply don’t have the time, energy, or proper mindset to actually ...
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Turned Down for a Personal Loan or Credit? Here’s What You Can Do

by mt1sn Posted on 328 views
It is surprisingly common to be turned down for a personal loan or line of credit. Unfortunately, every rejected application hits your credit report, hurting your odds of approval for a future loan. This means you can’t afford to keep applying despite repeated rejections. However, that doesn’t mean you are ineligible for credit or lack ...
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10 Manufacturing Careers with Great Prospects for the Future

by mt1sn Posted on 533 views
The popular media would have you believe that factories are completely automated, eliminating any need for human beings. The truth is more complicated than this. Automation has reduced the need for low-skill manual labor. However, it is increasing demand for skilled labor while demand for programmers and other high tech experts is exploding. This is ...
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Six Healthcare Careers That Are in High Demand for 2020

by mt1sn Posted on 375 views
Have you been thinking about making a major career change in your life? Maybe it’s not a change so much as it is your first career. Obviously, picking a path that offers opportunities and growth is ideal, as this is a good way to guarantee a successful future. The good news is that there are ...
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Lifestyle Travel

6 Essential Deer Hunting Tips for Beginners

by mt1sn Posted on 341 views
Hunting deer is an incredibly difficult task and requires a huge amount of skill and knowledge, but that’s not to say that beginners should be discouraged. Even the most experienced hunters are still learning every time they go out on a new hunt, so there is no shame in learning by trial and error. However, ...
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Scotland falls victim to a sharp increase in violent crime

by mt1sn Posted on 578 views
Since March of 2018, statistics have shown a staggering increase in violent crimes across Scotland. This criminal epidemic has seen over 8,000 recorded non-sexual crimes, up from a figure of 7,268 recorded in the previous year. With sexual offenses increasing at a similar rate, crime is now seen to be at the highest levels observed ...
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Food Health

Agave: The Sweetener Without Compromises

by mt1sn Posted on 1734 views
What is Agave and Why Should I Use It? It is likely that you have heard of agave given its continually increasing popularity and coverage. However, many people may not know what agave actually is, or know it simply as “something involved in making tequila.” While tequila is certainly a popular—and appreciated—use of the plant, ...
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