What Are The Qualities Of A Great Dentist?

by mt1sn Posted on 25 views

There are many ways that a dentist can become great rather than simply good or competent. It might be hard work to put them all into practice, but it will be worth it because you’ll have a thriving dental clinic with many patients who all recommend you, and you’ll be able to help many more people and be a great success. With that in mind, here are some of the qualities and skills you’ll need to be a great dentist (though the truth is, you probably already have at least some of these in place).

Manual Dexterity

When you’re thinking in purely practical terms, manual dexterity has to come out near the top of the list. Manual dexterity means you can be very precise when you are doing anything with your hands. Because dentists have to work in such a small area (the mouth), manual dexterity is very important; it means fewer errors and a much more comfortable experience for the patient.

Not everyone has good fine motor skills, and that could be an issue if you want to be a great dentist. There are ways to improve your manual dexterity, however, so if you know you’re lacking in this area, it’s worth looking at these. They will include puzzles and hand movements that have to be done over and over again.

Good With Details

As a dentist, you’ll need to learn a lot of things. There will be many medical and specifically dental techniques to understand and perfect, as well as knowledge about medical terms and health in general. Knowing these things is expected of every dentist, but it’s the little details that will really make you stand out and become a great dentist.

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When you are examining someone’s mouth, you’ll need to be able to spot even the smallest issue – missing something could lead to much bigger problems which could have been avoided. Not only do you need to be very detail-oriented regarding teeth and gums, but also the equipment you have. It has to be exactly what you need and what will benefit the patient most. If you’re the kind of dentist who wonders what is the right dental chair for me rather than simply buying one because it’s cheap or looks good in your office, then you might be as detail-oriented as you need to be.

Strong Interpersonal Skills

The best dentists, the ones who will be recommended by friends and family and have excellent online reviews, are the ones who are best when it comes to interpersonal skills. A patient will expect – and should receive – good dental care, no matter what dentist they choose. However, when you can also add a kind and caring manner and the ability to put even the most nervous patient at ease, you will stand out in a crowd of dentists and be the one that people choose to go to.

In a world where it’s so easy to become disconnected from people thanks to automation and other innovations, having the personal touch and a good bedside manner as a dentist can make a big positive difference.