3 Things That Can Go Wrong at a Wedding and How to Prepare for Them

by mt1sn Posted on 42 views

When you’re getting married, you dream of the perfect wedding day and hope that everything goes smoothly. However, the reality is that something could go wrong, and while the thought of this might give you anxiety, it’s important to accept this because some things are beyond your control.

Although you can’t prepare for every eventuality, some common issues arise during weddings that a little additional planning will help solve should they occur. Below are three examples of typical things that often go wrong at weddings and how you can prepare for them in advance.

1.   Bad Weather

It would be lovely if the sun shone all day during your wedding, but this isn’t always the case. Even if you decide to get married during the summertime, you might still find that the rain makes an appearance at some point. If you were planning to host your wedding ceremony and reception indoors, then this might not bother you too much. However, if some or all of your wedding day will take place outside, you do need to prepare for potentially miserable weather.

Investing in large gazebo-style tents to cover the dance floor and tables is key, as is getting some outdoor heaters to keep your guests warm if the temperature is slightly cooler than you had anticipated. You should also ensure that the floor doesn’t get too wet as people may slip, so make sure that your chosen venue has mops and wet floor signs available to use just in case!

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2.   Guests Getting a Little Too Tipsy

Weddings are big celebrations, and it’s not uncommon for the champagne and cocktails to be flowing as a result. While you want your guests to be festive and have a good time, getting a bit too tipsy could risk embarrassing behavior that you might want to avoid.

You can’t police everyone’s drinking, but making sure that there are always jugs of water on the tables and plenty of food to line their stomachs will help, which you will need good wedding catering services in order to fulfill. To avoid further catering problems, read this guide and learn how wedding catering disasters can be avoided.

3.   Guests and Wedding Party Members Arriving Late

In an ideal world, everyone would be punctual and get to where they needed to be on time. However, there are many reasons why some guests or even members of the wedding party might arrive late, such as bad traffic or other transportation issues.

Of course, you don’t want your ceremony to be delayed, so to avoid this happening, request that your guests arrive at least an hour before you want them to, as people might still arrive late, but this way, your ceremony won’t be delayed for too long if they do.

Many other things could go wrong on your wedding day, and even though you can’t control everything, with a little additional preparation, you might be able to avoid a complete disaster and ensure everyone has a great time with you on your big day.