Five On-Trend School Accessories

by mt1sn Posted on 20 views

Buying supplies ready for the return to school can be tedious, especially when you’re stocking up on the same items year on year. Highlighters? Check. Pinboard? Check. Sneakers? Check. But the back-to-school shopping trip doesn’t need to be boring – these five on-trend accessories will ensure you are ready to learn while keeping up with the latest fashions. And the best part is they can all be individualised so you can show off their own style.

A Cool Water Bottle

We all know the importance of staying hydrated and we’re all following Greta’s lead by reducing our use of single-use plastics. A reusable water bottle is a must for all ages as dehydration can have negative effects on concentration and learning. From the simple, classic clear bottle to a glittery rainbow unicorn bottle, there’s something out there for every taste, so show your personality as you help save the planet!

Hand Sanitizer

Since the pandemic, we have all been more aware of germs, but keeping them at bay doesn’t need to be dull. Choose scented hand gels with glitter to make your day sparkle and accessorise with cute holders that match your look. When you stock up on hand sanitizer, you’re doing more than keeping your hands clean, you’re buying into a signature scent too, so try out a few to find your favourites.

A Cell Phone

Updating your cell phone is a good way to stay on trend, plus sets you up to succeed. Use the planner and alarms to make sure you never miss a lesson and have the internet at your fingertips for those moments you need to fact-check. Apps such as Skype and Teams are a great way to stay in touch with friends and work together on collaborative projects, and easy access to your email account means you are able to keep in touch with teachers if you have any queries. Pimp your phone with cases, charms, and pop sockets to stay bang on trend.

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A Perfect Backpack

A backpack is a staple school accessory, but it doesn’t have to be boring. It needs to be hardy to last the school year and practical, so make sure you have a bag with strong straps that’ll keep your items safe. Lenovo school rucksacks will keep your laptop secure as well as having plenty of room for your other school supplies. Decorate with pin badges or patches to stand out from the crowd.

An E-reader

Keep up to date with your reading list without carrying heavy books by investing in an e-reader. As well as being great for anyone who reads on the move, an e-reader is perfect if you have limited space, and with plenty of storage, it can offer the ability to carry the books you need to study alongside your favourite BookTok reads. Add your own flair with a funky cover.

Stamping your style on your accessories is important – it highlights your individuality and makes your belongings easier to identify. Go wild with your accessories and make learning fun!