4 Ways to Build a Marketing List for SMS

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There is no doubt that SMS marketing is one of the most effective channels a business can use to engage consumers. In fact, no matter where you find your data, you will find that text messaging has more than a 95% open rate and that is more than any other of the channels used for marketing. It is more effective than email marketing and what is even better is the fact that there are several ways to build a marketing list for SMS communications. Here are four ways you might wish to explore for your business.

1. Customize Register Receipts

Most of today’s businesses have the ability to customize their register receipts. If you are seeking to build an SMS marketing list, customize the bottom of your register receipts with a brief message. Let it read something like, “Text COUPONS to 24242 for digital coupons sent to your phone.” Everyone loves a deal, and it doesn’t cost them anything but a moment of their time to text for the day’s specials and coupons.

2. Promote Opt-in on Printed Media

If there is one thing that we’ve learned over the past few election years it’s that SMS messages work. Not only do voters like to keep up with the polls but they are also apt to donate through SMS features. This is something that has been proven by the nation’s largest conservative SMS platform, WinRed SMS by Tatango. Candidates place their opt-in texting number on their printed media. Today’s consumer is often too busy to even read the news so giving them daily updates can keep your audience engaged.

3. Request Opt-in on Your Business Website

If you place your text messaging number in a prominent place on your website, you can begin to build a marketing list from that as well. Today’s consumer wants to build relationships with brands they deal with, and text messaging is the leading form of communication today. If you doubt it, just look around you at any restaurant or on any street corner and you are likely to see that everyone has their thumbs engaged!

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4. Rewards for Opting In

Above and beyond those coupons and daily specials, you can offer rewards for joining your SMS list. It could be a percentage off their first purchase, free shipping with no minimum order, a free gift, or any reward you feel would attract users. Make the gift pertinent to your business and/or brand so that it is easy for your followers to remember your brand and share their good fortune with friends and family.

These are just four of the easiest and most effective ways to begin building an SMS marketing list. You will find that text messaging is effective because consumers immediately check their phones when the beep or vibrate. They did, after all, opt in to your marketing list which means they are interested in the messages you send. The one thing to remember is that you need to be consistent in messaging so that you build a strong relationship with members of your list. As the old saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Don’t let that happen! Stay active.