4 Professional Types of Tradesmen You Should Have In Your Address Book

by mt1sn Posted on 83 views

If you have just bought your first home, have been living in your property for a while, or else are looking to sell and move house in the not-too-distant future, one of the most important things to know are the contact details of professional, qualified, and recommended tradespeople.

With this in mind, then continue reading to learn of the four professional types of tradesmen you should have in your address book and what to look for in each area.

1.   Heating Engineer

When the boiler in your home malfunctions or unfortunately fails to work entirely, it can be one of the most worrying and stressful things that can possibly happen inside the home.

It is, therefore, incredibly important to have made prior contact with a reputable and established boiler repair company who have been successfully operating for many years, has proven professional accreditations and qualifications, the highest levels of insurance, and offers comprehensive customer support and care facility after the engineer has left your home.

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2.   Electrician

Another incredibly important tradesperson to have in your address book is a professionally qualified and accredited electrician, preferably from City and Guilds or similar.

All reputable and renowned electricians, either self-employed solo tradesmen or one from a larger and national company, should have a manufacturer preference to ensure the highest standards of products and electrical parts they always use, which should be an established commercial electrical supply store. Of course, you could always buy the essentials you need, e.g., the light fittings you want or a security system, and all you would need is a professional to come and install them for you.

3.   Plumber

The waterworks and plumbing of your home is essentially one of the integral elements which keep the home running and functioning correctly, so it is incredibly crucial to be able to contact a plumber in the event of an emergency.

Certain things you should look out for when choosing a plumbing company you can trust include but are categorically in no way limited to:

  • Full and comprehensive insurance
  • The ability to be contacted 24/7
  • A wide plethora of positive reviews from many satisfied customers
  • Some kind of customer promise or customer guarantee as a standard
  • Emergency engineers that can be called upon in the event of serious issues inside your home
  • Affiliation with the relevant accreditation board

4.   Gardener

If you are someone who enjoys mowing the lawn and tending to the plants and edges of your garden all year round and not just in the warmer summer months, then you may be labouring under the illusion that there is no need for you to know a reputable gardener.

However, it is still important to make yourself aware of a person in your local area, whom you can call upon if you need a one-off larger job completing, especially if there is a time constraint on the project, such as a tree that is likely to fall down in winter storms and damage either your own house or the home of a neighbour.

Look for gardeners who live locally in your area and ideally who have already carried out a number of jobs in the homes in the same street in which you live.

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