A Roundup Of The Latest Nevada Auto News

by mt1sn Posted on 200 views

Nevada is a great motoring state. The long, straight desert roads have long provided piston heads with the perfect playground. The Las Vegas strip has also provided proud auto owners with the ideal place to show off their shining vehicles. The automobile world is always on the move. Here is a roundup of the latest vehicular news from around the state.

Electric Vehicles Causing Buzz

The annual Laz Vegas Auto Show has been on hiatus over the last year thanks to the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic, but it opens its doors again this week for what promises to be a packed trade show. Topping the bill for many of the automobile manufacturers displaying at the show will be electric vehicles. Established companies like Subaru are displaying new electric SUVs at the event. A newcomer in the form of VinFast – a Vietnamese electric vehicle company, already enjoying success in Asia – will also display.

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular as fuel prices continue to rise. Fossil fuels are a finite resource and will naturally become more expensive as they become scarcer. A switch to electric power may be one way of mitigating this price hike, although it would take a fully renewable energy grid to solve the problem completely. Climate change is advancing at a rapid pace, and many car manufacturers have recognized their customers’ concerns about the impact of internal combustion engines on the environment.

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Las Vegas Considers New Regulations On Exotic Car Rentals

Las Vegas has a problem with exotic cars. Tourists that want a thrill regularly rent fast, exotic vehicles for the weekend to cruise around the city in. Unfortunately, these vehicles are extremely dangerous in inexperienced or inebriated hands. 12 Percent of the fatal crashes in Clark County have been determined to involve rented exotic cars. Just one of many examples: in September, a Connecticut police officer crashed his rented Rolls Royce and killed a pedestrian. This tragic death could have been prevented, lawmakers say, by imposing tougher restrictions on exotic car rentals. Specifically, legislation governing the rental of cars with over 500 horsepower is being considered. Most cars only have around 200 horsepower or less. The average small city car has less than 150 BHP. The more horsepower a car has, the more expensive it is to insure privately. Customers of rental companies know that the rental group will pay for the expensive car insurance in Las Vegas NV. This may influence some of the reckless driving they display.

The ultimate solution to this problem may be an increased level of responsibility placed on the lap of renters. Luxury car rental companies may have to implement more stringent tracking policies. Some companies have already adopted this solution: tracking the speed and location of all their vehicles. If a car is seen speeding, then the rental company can stipulate that some kind of fine or confiscation is given out. However, this might not stop drivers who have had too much to drink and want to see just how fast their rented Ferrari can go.