6 Interesting Things You Can Do with Excel

by mt1sn Posted on 789 views
an executive working on her laptop

Excel is, without a doubt, one of the most widely used and versatile applications in the world, let alone the windows suite. Because of its many functions and widespread use, knowledge of Excel can be an incredible boon to just about anyone, which is why you may find the list below of particular interest. If you want to learn to do all these and more on Excel, then you should consider a course in Excel from companies like Computergaga.com so that you too can make the most of this incredible software.

1. Data Management

One of the things that Excel is best known for, and for good reason, is its ability to allow you to easily manipulate and sort through incredibly large amounts of data. This is useful in a number of contexts as it allows you to easily comb through large data pools to find useful information, analyze the meaning of the data available to you and use it to develop a strategy for whatever endeavor the data was collected for. This is particularly helpful in business.

2. Create a Timetable

The intuitive and easily understandable way that Excel displays information makes it uniquely well suited to producing clear and informative timetables. Whether you are organizing yourself or an entire team, Excel’s clear, clean aesthetic makes your timetable quick and easy to understand, especially when you incorporate color coding into the layout.

3. Create Diagrams and Charts

An incredibly beneficial use of Excel in terms of data interpretation lies in Excel’s ability to quickly and painlessly take enormous data pools and translate them directly into perfectly accurate graphs and diagrams. In this way, information that would have otherwise been nearly impossible to adequately visualize is now easily available and that makes the data intuitively understandable. The uses of this capability cannot be understated and when used in business, complex marketing and user analytic strategies can be clearly and eloquently explained in a fraction of the time.

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4. Create Automatic Systems

Excel is particularly powerful when it comes to taking meticulous and exacting notes of anything that has occurred in an enterprise. However, its uses extend even further beyond simple user inputted data, as its functionality allow for several processes that would otherwise be time consuming and particular, to instead be automated entirely with no need for human interaction.

5. Process Mathematical Equations

In a similar vein, Excel is equipped with significant mathematical capabilities, allowing it to process complex mathematical equations in a fraction of the time it would take for a human to undertake the same equation. For example, Excel is able to calculate the standard deviation of enormous data sets with just a few strokes of a keyboard and a selection of data.

6. Even Create Games

Using something called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) you can, in essence, code using Excel and this allows for a ton of useful applications like creating macros to help with repeating jobs. However, one of the less useful but more fun ways you can use VBA with Excel is to code entire games using Excel, like this 3D flight simulator.