10 Hobbies You Never Considered for Retirement

by mt1sn Posted on 731 views
closeup of a man playing the piano

When you retire, there are many options for how you might fill your days.

There are the more typical options to consider, of course – perhaps watercolor painting or knitting are things you’d love to give more time to in your senior years.

Alternatively, you could go for something a little less obvious. There are countless things to try, from crafts to sports, writing to performance.

With that in mind, here are 10 hobbies you might not have considered turning your hand to during your retirement.

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If you would like to stay active in a more creative way, why not consider dancing as your new hobby. There are so many dance styles, from the elegance of ballroom to the sparkle of disco, there’s bound to be one for you.

Whether you are still entirely independent or have opted to move to assisted living, regular exercise is really important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. McKnight Place has more information about care options that will allow you to retain your independence.

Graffiti art

If traditional painting styles haven’t grabbed you, how about trying your hand at a more modern medium such as graffiti art – there’s no reason the youngsters should get all the fun. It’s probably best to stick to working on canvas rather than attempting any illegal activity!

Computer games

There are plenty of silver surfers now, skilled in using computers for accessing the internet, so why not try out some tech for a bit of fun? It would seriously impress the grandkids too.

Learn a musical instrument

You’re never too old to pick up something new, and learning to play with an instrument is just the sort of thing many people aspire to do but never get around to, so why not use your free time to give it a go during retirement?

Research family history

A fascinating pursuit, researching your family tree could uncover all kinds of history you weren’t aware of. The rest of your family will be grateful that you have taken the time to do it too.

Write a blog

With all that wisdom gathered over the years, why not share some of it with the world via the Internet? Make it a general lifestyle blog or choose a niche you are an expert in and get typing.

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Martial arts

There are a variety of martial arts to choose from, and not only are they a great form of self-defense, but they are also a great way to get active, improve flexibility and keep fit.


If you’ve ever felt like taking to the stage, now’s your chance. Contact your local amateur dramatics group and launch your acting career.

Film extra

If you want the opportunity to take your acting skills to the silver screen, apply for some film extra roles. You might earn a small income from it too.


Another artistic option most people don’t even consider is sculpture. There are many different mediums available, anything from clay to wood to paper-mâché.

So before deciding on your next hobby, consider thinking outside of the box and finding your new passion with something a little less ordinary.