Five ways to breathe life into a tired kitchen

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In today’s largely throw-away culture, it can often be tempting to start over when it comes to domestic renovation work simply. Still, there are a great many small touches you can make which will completely revitalize the rooms in your home. Adding new surfaces, doors, or other features can instantly transform the look and feel of a house and breathe life into tired surroundings.

The importance of kitchens in modern family life

Of all the rooms in a house, many would argue the kitchen is the most important. Far from being just a place to prepare and cook food, for most families, the kitchen is the beating heart of a home – a place to meet, discuss, eat, and socialize.

For this reason, the kitchens in modern homes are often one of the biggest and best-featured rooms. However, modeling the kitchen of your dreams needn’t involve starting over with a completely new design. Instead, you can completely revitalize this important domestic space with a little creativity and some proper planning.

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Replace cupboard doors

There’s only so much you can do with the space available in a kitchen – significantly when you consider it’s going to have to house a cooker, fridge, sink, etc. Very often, when you think about replacing cupboards, you’ll actually just end up replacing old units with very similar new ones – and you’ll likely only notice they’re different because they have new doors.

Instead of ripping out your existing kitchen cupboards, consider freshening them up with new doors. Your existing kitchen layout probably has adequate storage space for your requirements anyway, but simply changing your units’ frontage will make them appear brand new.

If, like many, you have problems envisaging how new doors will look, try using free, online photo editing software to make the changes digitally first. Programs like Photopea are a great tool for checking how alterations will look.

Add new worktops and surfaces

Nothing screams modern, quite like sparkling new worktops. In particular, granite countertops can look stunning when paired against bright colors on the rest of the fixtures and fittings. New surfaces will rejuvenate even the darkest or oldest of kitchens and will also be considerably easier to clean and maintain.

If you have space, think about adding a breakfast bar

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It’s fair to say the majority of breakfast bars see only limited use for breakfast; they add a beautiful, functional focal point to the center of a room. They can be useful to assemble around while having tea or a coffee. Think about pairing the breakfast bar with modern stools and perhaps some necessary kitchenware to add to the aesthetics.

Add tiles or wooden flooring

One of the most common design trends in recent years has been to contrast the kitchen floor against the surrounding units by using dark tiling or wooden flooring. Not only are hard surfaces like tiles considerably more comfortable to keep clean, but they also look great and are hardwearing – which is particularly useful in an environment that sees more than its fair share of dropped food, utensils, and pots. Add a new floor to brighten your room, literally, from the ground up.

Replace taps, sinks, and drainage boards

Through general daily use, the sink and surrounds in a kitchen are often the first to show wear and tear signs. Replacing tired old taps and sinks with sparkly new chrome fittings can instantly refresh your kitchen’s general ambiance while also improving the workspace. If you want to get creative, consider replicating the sink into a central work area – a style that’s been on-trend over the last few years and one that will completely alter the room’s functionality and atmosphere.