How to Develop Your Child’s Interest in Sport

by mt1sn Posted on 805 views

Physical activity is one of the most significant aspects of any child’s health and wellbeing. Keeping fit not only improves a child’s physical stamina but also positively impacts their mental health. Unfortunately, many children don’t get the exercise they need due to their obsession with technology. Still, as parents, you should actively encourage their participation in sport and ensure they’re making the most of the outdoors. By feeding their interest in sports from a young age, your child may even discover that they have an interest in turning their hobby into a career later in life.

Look at the tips below on how to develop your child’s interest in sport:

  • Talk about their future goals

While having relaxed discussions with your teenage children about their career options, see whether they mention sports as a possibility. Many youngsters have the ambition of becoming a professional sportsperson. Still, they simply don’t know how to make that dream a reality, Encourage a discussion around sports career and show them that they can get a scholarship from if they train hard and focus on what they want to achieve.

  • Join their play time

Kids love to spend time with their parents, so whenever you have a spare moment, take the time to join in with their play. You could take this opportunity to play a few sports such as soccer, tennis or badminton to develop their skills and interests.

Children follow by example, so if they spot you lounging around on your phone or tablet, they’re likely to do the same. By playing sports regularly with your child, they’ll gain a sense of familiarly with each game and hopefully, wish to play it frequently. Try not to overdo it though – kids realize when they’re being pushed, so being too forceful could result in your plan backfiring.

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  • Take them to games

There’s no better way to build your child’s interest in sport than to take them to local games, as opposed to watching them on TV. The live atmosphere is much more thrilling and will give them a closer insight into how the sport is played by professional sportspeople. They’ll no doubt be asking questions along the way which should spark their interest and develop their knowledge.

  • Buy sports equipment instead of gadgets

Many parents are quick to buy the gadgets to keep kids quiet, but if you have high hopes for your child to take an interest in sport, it would be a good idea to purchase sporting equipment over virtual games. It would be best to choose a range of equipment and allow them to experiment by themselves to discover what they enjoy most. If you notice them picking up a ball, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t encourage the act, but don’t turn it into a forceful session. Sport needs to be enjoyable if they’re ever going to take any real interest.

To get to this stage, you may wish to give coach your child from an early age (providing you have the relevant experience) or encourage them to join local clubs and teams. This will help to improve their skills, build their confidence and boost their chances of making their sports hobby a career.