Improve Your Immunity Against Covid-19

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The World Health Organization(WHO) declared the coronavirus diseases (COVID-19) as the global pandemic. Almost every country has been affected by this widely spread virus. As this disease which does not have any vaccine becomes the predominant concern across the globe. Every medical laboratorian and doctors are working very hard to find the medicine to prevent this virus but yet they do not succeed in it.

While others are working in finding the appropriate medicine, we at the individual level must be aware to curb the spreading of this virus. As it’s rapidly affecting the people, we can’t wait for any cure to come out. Many health experts and doctors have suggested everyone boost your immune system to prevent yourself from the coronavirus.

The Government of every country has taken every essential step to make people aware of the virus through social media, television advertisements with some meaningful designs in internet marketing. Those pictures illustrate how dangerous this virus is and some useful tips which help to prevent people. Even many international companies such as Mcdonald’s, Audi, Volkswagen have modified their logo design to display the message of social distancing. This type of creativity in the designs make people more concerned about this disease and encourage them to follow the rules given by the government authority.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to follow the advice from WHO to keep yourself hygiene by frequently washing your hands properly, covering your mouth with a mask, keeping a distance from others, avoiding going in a crowded place and many more. Along with these precautions, we also need to keep our immune system better and for that, the Government of every country has recommended some tips to follow. So, let’s delve into those essential factors which may be helpful in this period.

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#1. Eat healthy food

There is no such alternative to eating healthy food, it plays the most significant role to enhance your immune system.

During this crucial period, meal planning is really a challenge for everyone. Food stores are open with limited products so finding sufficient food is hard. People must eat food with higher nutrition which provides you with every required vitamin.

  • Home-cooked food

one of the best options which you can follow at this time. As we all are at home due to lockdown, we have enough time to cook for our family. Many recipes can be available online and with available resources at home you can cook some delicious food.

  • Limit the sugar and salt quantity

According to the WHO maximum, 5% sugar is sufficient which you must consume from the fresh fruits. No added sugar is a good option for health. Similarly, salt consumption should not be more than 5 grams a day. Most of the salt comes from the food we eat regularly, so it must be minimized.

#2. Regular exercise

As Covid-19 scares the whole world, and everyone is concerned about their health. As we‘re not working due to the spreading of coronavirus, a regular exercise is the only option to keep the body fit. A sedentary lifestyle can make you feel low energy and low stamina. Even in this period, you must give your body some physical stress.

It’s highly recommended to do the exercise with available resources at your home without going to the park or gym. It’s not always necessary to go outside for exercise, just being at home you can do that. Physical exercise indeed helps you to remove the bacteria from your lungs and reduce the chances of cold, illness and many other infections.

Moreover, yoga is also a form of exercise and even in this isolation period, it’s the best option you can opt for. Yoga is one of the best ways to uplift your immune system with various yoga poses. Therefore, by staying at home also you can make your body fit and healthy.

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#3. Enough sleep

In this global pandemic, it’s really important to do everything to improve the immune system. Getting enough sleep is the easiest way which we can do in this period.

Many research has been done and it shows that sleep can contribute to the mental and physical aspects of the human body. Enough sleep is essential if you want to function well throughout the whole day and stay healthy in this highly infected situation. Research from one of the German universities says that proper sleep boosts the immune cell namely T cells. As all the regular works are suspended and everyone is at their home, then it’s the best thing which we can do to prevent ourselves from being victims of coronavirus.

#4. Stay hydrated

Another significant factor which would help to improve your immunity which is necessary to be protective of Covid-19. Try to consume as much as beverages to make your body fully hydrated.

Regular consumption of drink which contains maximum nutrients helps to prevent you from any illness and any infection. It’s true that the human body needs water to function properly and it improves the immune system as well. Even the juice of various fruits can also assist you to stay healthy and hydrated. However, you need to make sure that the intake of sugar is maintained in any drink you consume.

Additionally, many people have recommended drinking warm water 2-3 times in a day which kills the germs and bacteria in your body, it’s also an effective option. It gives your body required vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C and even these all resultantly improve immunity.

#5. Ayurvedic herbs

Looking at the current scenario of spreading of coronavirus, improving our immunity is the best option and ayurvedic herbs can give the optimal result. The ayurvedic herbs such as tulsi, dry ginger, black pepper are the best solution to enhance the immunity against this dangerous coronavirus. While cooking adds the turmeric, coriander, garlic at an appropriate quantity can give you more energy and improve health. Although it’s a traditional approach to fight against the virus, many have seen a tremendous positive result from it.


In this crucial time all over the world, keeping our body fit and healthy is the only action which we can take at the individual level to prevent from the coronavirus. Many guidelines have been released from the WHO and health departments of every country. Following those rules, we can improve our immunity at a bit higher level and some of the tips we discussed above are also useful.