Why our dreams are different during the confinement

by mt1sn Posted on 892 views

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has changed the world like no one could have imagined just a few months ago. And the future still remains very uncertain, not knowing how long this crisis will last, how quickly a vaccine can be found and how the world economies will react to this unprecedented shock to the system.

Most people’s lives have been dramatically affected with about half the world in confinement at the time of writing. Such a situation can lead to a lot of stress at home for the men and women not used to remain in a tight space for an extended period of time. Domestic violence is on the rise as well as cases of depression.

Another aspect is that many people report remembering their dreams much better than normally. Do you also feel like you are dreaming more during confinement? We’ve been confined for about three weeks by now. Of course this situation can have an impact on our sleep and our subconscious.

Do we dream more within the confinement?

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But according to psychotherapists and dream therapists, people are not dreaming more than usual during a pandemic. The process at play is that the current situation, which is quite anxiety-provoking, awakens old fears that can turn into nightmares. As a nightmare can easily wake us up, we will remember it more vividly than a regular dream. But we do not dream more than usual. We just remember dreams when they are more impactful and scary.

A dream always has a meaning and you have to know how to interpret it. When in a situation of containment which may awaken old fears that have not been treated, the dream will explain things related to the history of the person, which can go back very far in the past.

Also because people have fewer obligations to get up early than when they do their regular job, they may wake up more naturally during this period of confinement. It is therefore possible that they remember better the last dream they just had before waking up, according to dream interpreters.

A form of nightmare that is very common right now is the pursuit. Whether it’s a monster, a ghost, a serial killer or a faceless threat, what pursues you symbolizes your anxiety of the unknown. It is not known when the containment will be over, when the epidemic will be brought under control or how many victims it will have caused. Some are afraid for their loved ones, for their health, for their jobs.

One case recently discussed on a forum about the meaning of dreams was a man who often dreams that his cat catches the coronavirus. The image of such an animal refers to our own instincts and the needs of our own body. It reflects people’s anxiety. This dream represents the fear that our own body will be infected with the coronavirus, the fear that we cannot protect ourselves as we should.

Dream interpretation can be surprising to the layman. Here it turns out the man who wakes up with the anxiety that his cat catches the coronavirus, is in fact anxious about getting the virus himself. This is the whole paradox of the interpretation of dreams.

Pets in dreams symbolize our needs, our gut feelings and the way we behave in life. That is to say, this is the way in which one pays attention or not to one’s body and the needs of one’s body. Depending on the state of the animal in the dream, this alerts us to the fact that we feel good with our body or on the contrary that we are losing touch with our body and that it is time to pay more attention to it.

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Why are dreams more intense with the containment?

Another fact observed by psychologists and which numerous witnesses have testified on social networks and on specialized forums, is the intensity of dreams. This is completely normal, and this is due to the emotions heightened during the coronavirus pandemic.

Feelings and emotions are generally more intense. Some couples in confinement argue violently for completely futile things. Some cry hot tears at a program that would have left them stuck in normal times.

It’s the same with dreams. They are experienced with more force than before because our sensitivity is on edge. Since the start of the confinement, men and women have shown more introspection, because they cannot turn to others.

Dreams express the concerns of reality. It is therefore not surprising that during this period of intense stress that we are experiencing due to the epidemic of Coronavirus, dreams are darker than usual. Some people therefore dream very clearly of safety distances, shortages of masks, suffocating teleconferences, flats without doors, or even empty supermarket shelves.

It is a difficult time for everyone, and we can just hope that things go back to normal as soon as possible. Let’s remain cautious and hope for the best!