The 6 Most Expensive Boots In The World

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As you know, the manufacture of shoes was intended for walking, however, you should know that others were made for the order of a single person who can specify what he wants on the shoe, it is fashion, shoes are the kind of accessories that can put the name of a designer on the card. Know that Nowadays, shoes have become an integral part of a person’s wardrobe as well as a fashion necessity. and these shoes are made from a variety of materials that cost thousands of dollars, well, for the richest, shoes also serve as an indicator of a person’s social status of course.

1-Howard H. Knight’s Cowboy Boots

Everyone knows how popular cowboys are, and so are their boots. You should know that cowboy boots are one of the most expensive shoes out there, and that may be because they are often custom made and use very expensive materials, as is the case for Tres Outlaws. Anyway, another unique pair comes from artist Howard H. Knight of course.

It must be known that 800 hours is the time it took for Howard to finish his masterpiece, and it must be admitted that Even if these superb boots are made to be worn on the foot, they look more like art than to something that you put on your feet. well, all this time and this work have paid off, $ 106,000 is the price for this masterpiece.

2-Manolo Blahnik Black Alligator Boots

Manolo Blahnik is a name that inspires fashion and talent, and as soon as his name is pronounced the memory of all the beautiful stilettos arises. Carrie, as we have already mentioned. The brand’s shoes are elegant and fun, the mix of poles for all accessories, a real art moreover, Blahnik decided to try his luck with the design of boots, he was very detailed in the masterpiece that you can see above. They are so exclusive and sought after that the brand went above and beyond with its expensive labels, know that if you want to poorer this wonder, you must have $ 14,000 in your account.

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3-Gucci’s Woven Leather Boots

As you already know, it’s always the famous brands that attract the richest people. And no matter how bad the knockoffs are, they will buy a $ 2,000 wallet. for what is Gucci, this famous brand has solved this problem by offering this delicious pair of impressive braided leather boots and its price which rises to 4000 $, know that it is because they are unique in their kind, you will not find anything of this kind sold opposite. We all know that when it comes to exclusivity, price tags tend to go higher than the sky of course.

4-Jack Armstrong’s Cosmic Cowboy Boots

Be aware that artist Jack Armstrong presents his unique pair of Cosmic Cowboys boots. this pair of boots that won the title of the most expensive pair of boots in the world and this is justified when the price of this pair of boots rises to 6 million dollars, a price that leaves you speechless.

Know that jack Armstrong is a well known New York artist who is committed to creating only 100 pieces during his life. in other words the quintessence of exclusivity. without forgetting that having already sold a personalized Harley Davidson worth 15 million dollars, that was not enough since he created a masterpiece whose price is not any less than $ 6 million.


The Air Force 1 Supreme Max with its futuristic sound, is, without doubt, one of the most expensive Nike shoes that exist. I am sure that everyone has dreamed of owning a pair of these shoes since its launch such as this one. moreover, you should know that Unlike the Air Force One range which was an extravagance dotted with diamonds, this pair goes further, know that the company has increased the durability of these shoes this time. shiny neon present on the body of these shoes should have been OTT, however, they actually play well with the general streamlined look. While the upper of these shoes are made from premium leather, $ 50,000 is a price that shows you how special this Nike shoe is.


It’s always difficult for Men to find a classy pair of shoes that shows who’s fashionable, well, as you know, it’s men who are often in need when it comes to what looks good at their feet, however, have enough money in their account to buy a pair that costs you $ 38,000. Well to justify this exorbitant price, know that it all comes down to the innovative Norwegian technique used by this brand. well, the leather used to make these shoes comes from the best alligator leather in the world and is extremely durable of course. it is true that the brand dates from 1929, however, you should know that Testoni is far ahead of its time. more, there is Another main reason why these shoes are so expensive is its property of super resistance to water is a very special pair of shoes.