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Do you have difficulty learning to play guitar, or don’t know how to progress in your playing? Do you feel that you do not know where to start or what to focus on in order to develop faster? Do you feel that you can play, but do not really have full control of what you are doing and looking for knowledge and understanding? Would you like to feel joy and inspiration every time you pick up the guitar to play, with a clear plan in how?

If any of these statements apply to you, I know exactly how it feels. But the solution is much easier than you think! You need a clear plan to follow and should know exactly what to practice, while having a lot of fun, so that you can take your guitar playing to any level you want.

I, like most people, also found it unnecessarily difficult to learn to play guitar and to develop my guitar playing skills. I had a hard time understanding how to play and how music is structured just like other people and, it seemed completely impossible to put together a solo or improvise a melody into music. I did not understand how to write my own songs and it just seemed very, very complicated and difficult. All this made me feel a lot worse than others I felt who could play and it created a lot of doubt in me, and I questioned whether I could really learn to play well.

Everything changed for me when I found a good guitar teacher who was absolutely amazing at teaching. I was taught how to apply different methods to improve my guitar playing. I got the knowledge I didn’t know existed and everything suddenly became easy to understand. The best part is that the problems I had are exactly the problems my students come to me with. All my guitar students really love playing guitar and really want to get better at playing. If you want to get a real boost in your guitar technique and a deeper understanding of guitar music and the instrument itself, then you have definitely come to the right place!

How Music Works
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The 3 Main Reasons Why Guitarists Are Developing Slowly:

1. You Try to Learn to Play Guitar On Your Own, From Items Of Youtube, Apps, or Books.

If you’re like me, you’ll find it very difficult to learn guitar on your own. Especially when there is so much information out there, and if you learn from, for example, Youtube, you do not know where to start. The person who made the video on Youtube does not know what level you are at and you can not ask for feedback. Usually they also go very quickly on Youtube. Sure, there are amazing teachers and videos on YouTube, but they don’t know what level you are at and what you need right now, to develop and learn how to play guitar the way you want.

2. You Practice The Wrong Way.

This is the most critical issue that I have found hampered my guitar students’ development in guitar playing. Before I learned to practice properly, I spent 5 years practicing the WRONG way. This, for my part, led to very slow progress and a lot of frustration. It’s kind of like shooting yourself in the foot. You get a lot of bad habits that can take months or years to get rid of. By taking guitar lessons online with me, you will find out how to practice correctly to maximize your practice time and results, so you get a lot more fun every time you pick up the guitar!

3. One Takes Lessons With A Guitar Teacher Who Is Underqualified.

This is actually, one of the worse choices you can make as a guitarist. Choosing an underqualified, or the cheapest teacher, is one of the worst things you can do for yourself and your guitar playing. Your time is the most precious thing you have. What an underqualified or inexpensive guitar teacher does is undervalue your time and often fail to give you the results and joy you want when playing guitar. It usually ends with you having to go to a professional guitar teacher anyway, to get the results in your guitar playing you were looking for from the beginning. A professional guitar teacher fixes the problems underqualified guitar teachers have created.

The solution to all these problems is the guitar methods finger trainer guide.

This guitar lessons guide includes:

  • A free introductory lesson where you’ll get immediate help with your guitar playing. We will talk about what you want to get out of guitar playing, what your ambitions are, and we’ll set up a plan for how to achieve your goals in the shortest amount of time.
  • You will learn the right practice methods to help you develop faster.
  • You will have a lot of fun throughout the learning process. This guide is also going to make the hard aspects of guitar learning easy for you.
  • You’ll take lessons from a guitar teacher who will follow you and measure your progress so you can see and hear how much you’ve evolved!
  • You will learn faster than if you try to learn to play guitar on your own.
  • Personal and good contact with a guitar teacher so that you will always be on the right track.
  • All levels are taught, from beginners to advanced guitar lessons.
  • You will learn the style of music that you like the most and are the most interested in.
  • You will understand how music works so you can create your own music!