Understanding the Importance of Employee Experience

by mt1sn Posted on 1059 views

How organizations are taking care of their employees these days is significantly evolving from the simple recording of employee satisfaction levels to properly engaging with employees at all levels of their work-life and truly understanding their employee experience. If you are a progressive business leader yourself, then you will already understand the importance of understanding, maintaining, and improving your staff’s experience of working for you, and with that in mind, this article takes a look at a few ways you can enhance that employee experience.

What is the employee experience?

Understanding precisely what the employee experience means is crucial to creating a plan to improve it. Essentially the employee experience is the combined interactions that your staff have with you as their employer. It can best be described as their perception of their place in the structure and culture of your organization. Typically, the employee experience is informed by a few factors; the physical environment in which they work, whether that is an office, a remote location or a shop floor, the resources, training, and tools (physical or technological) provided and your investment (as their employer) in their health, happiness, and success.

Why should you improve the employee experience?

Traditionally employers spend considerably more money on the customer experience than they do on the employee experience, and yet both journeys are intrinsically linked. Figuring out the customer experience means that you have a clear understanding of what compels them to buy into your service or your product, it speaks of your relationship with your customers. If the customer experience is a good one, then you build long term relationships that boost revenue. Poor customer experiences lead to a loss. Similarly, improving your employee experience means a better, more productive, and profitable relationship with your core team over the long haul.

Using technology to understand and improve the employee experience

You are probably already using technology to empower your customers’ experience and employ a sophisticated suite of software tools to ensure your staff has the resources they need for their daily tasks.

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You can leverage technology to stay connected to your employees in a way that rewards feedback, engages your team, and gives them a platform to prioritize participation, positivity, and, ultimately, productivity. Services like those at inpulse.com are designed expressly to help you understand and improve your employee experience levels.

Improving employee experience boosts the customer experience too

Your employees are your primary advocates for your business, very often the frontline, and the shop front when it comes to customer interaction. Good employee experience is, therefore, crucial to generating a positive customer experience and should share as big a part of your investment as evaluating and boosting your customer journey might do. Truly understanding and valuing your workforce means seeing them as your primary customers; without them, you can’t keep the wheels turning.

Understanding what makes your team tick and doing what you can to improve their experience is a crucial part of your business strategy, helping you motivate and retain key staff while boosting turnover.