How to Plan Your Perfect Bachelorette Party

by mt1sn Posted on 680 views

Planning a wedding can be stressful. This is why the task of organizing the bachelorette party is often left down to friends or family members. However, this isn’t to say that you can’t plan your own party. There are a lot of important areas to take into consideration when it comes to planning your perfect bachelorette party, but that doesn’t mean that the planning process shouldn’t be all part of the fun!

Discuss Your Options

The perfect bachelorette party should be more about who you spend your time with rather than where you go. You want to be sure that your friends and family and the people you love can be there no matter what, which means you should take the time to discuss your options with everyone involved.

It may be that you have big travel dreams – such as a weekend away somewhere exciting – but this isn’t always possible. While it might be a nice idea, you might find that, in reality, it is out of someone’s budget, or certain people aren’t able to travel far on these dates. Therefore, this might mean that you’re sacrificing the possibility of important guests being able to attend.

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It’s much more important to choose a time, date, and location which is suited to everybody’s budget, and make sure all the relevant people can make it.

Think About Your Drinks

You’ll want the drinks to keep flowing and to avoid coming up short when it comes to guests’ favorite drink items! Think about how you can kit out your bachelorette event with the best options for a bar, such as hiring Event Bartenders and making sure you have a great selection for everybody.

You could speak to your guests in advance to check the kind of drinks menu they would prefer, which you can then discuss with your bartender.

Pick a Theme

Chosen themes can make the planning stage and the dressing of the event a lot more fun (and a lot easier!). Your chosen theme can be really helpful for guests choosing what to wear, as well as for deciding color scheme and decorations for any event.

Your chosen theme could be a general celebratory theme, or something a little more personal to you, such as your favorite movie! Your bachelorette party could be the perfect opportunity to throw in a theme that was rejected for your actual wedding party if it was a little too unorthodox.

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Preparation is Key

If you’ve planned a long celebration, such as a weekend away or perhaps even a full week, you’ll need to prepare ahead. You need to be sure your mind and body can cope with the demands of a bachelorette party, as it can be a big shock to the system if you have a lot of socializing and activities planned when you might not be used to it!

Think about:

  • How to make sure you and your guests can find the time to eat properly and stay hydrated
  • Comfortable accommodation so you can get a good night’s sleep
  • Having substantial breaks in between any activities so that your itinerary will not leave you feeling drained and exhausted

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy it!