Turned Down for a Personal Loan or Credit? Here’s What You Can Do

by mt1sn Posted on 773 views

It is surprisingly common to be turned down for a personal loan or line of credit. Unfortunately, every rejected application hits your credit report, hurting your odds of approval for a future loan. This means you can’t afford to keep applying despite repeated rejections. However, that doesn’t mean you are ineligible for credit or lack other options for raising money. Here are a few things you can do when you’ve been turned down.

Ask Why You’re Declined

Before you despair, ask why your application was rejected. If you left key information off your paperwork, you may be accepted when you correct the issue. If your application was declined because of a credit check, you know you need to fix your credit report before re-applying or look for another lender that won’t check your credit. Or you may not meet their eligibility requirements.

Don’t waste your time applying for loans with lenders who consider you too young, won’t issue a loan if you have a part-time job or don’t lend to those with bad credit. Satsuma Loan, for instance, is one of the biggest providers in the country for short term loans, but their terms can be stringent. If they turned you down, research a Satsuma loan alternative and apply to a company with more relaxed lending standards.

Choose the Right Amount

Lenders base the loan amount on what they think you can repay. Before you apply for a credit card or instalment loan, run the numbers with a loan repayment calculator. Know what lenders will consider a reasonable offer. Request more than that and you may be rejected. Also, run the numbers so you know what you can afford to pay because if you are late making payments, this will cause you to be rejected in the future.

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Stop and Wait If You’ve Been Repeatedly Rejected

If you’ve had repeated rejections in a short period of time, stop applying for credit and check your credit report. Repeated loan requests will lead to increased odds of rejection. If possible, wait a few months before you apply again. This is especially true if you can clean up your credit report and make all of your payments in full over the next couple of months.

Look at your payment history. Multiple missed payments will hurt you unless you’re seeking a payday loan. The two simplest options are either borrowing money from a lender who doesn’t rely on a credit score to issue a loan or cleaning up your credit.

Lower the Lender’s Risk

One tactic is arranging for a co-signer or guarantor for the loan. This person cannot be your spouse or share your bank account. The guarantor will be liable for the payments if you can’t make them. You may qualify for a loan with a guarantor because it lowers the lender’s risk on the loan.

You may be eligible if you can provide property as collateral. However, you should not use a property you can’t afford to lose as collateral for a loan. Unfortunately, this also means you can’t use this strategy to be approved for a loan if you don’t have a property that lenders will accept as security for the loan.


Being rejected for a loan once or twice does not mean you aren’t creditworthy. Know that there are steps you can take to improve your profile and other lenders you can work with.