A Look at Some of the Best Fabric Covered & Canvas Buildings

by mt1sn Posted on 1900 views

A lot of times we love sitting or standing directly under the open skies. It can really be invigorating and relaxing. However, there are a lot of times when we need to stay in a covered and controlled environment. At such times, we look for the convenience provided by suitable buildings. This is the case for both private and commercial situations.

Our focus in this article is covered spaces that are suitable for commercial or public activities. Running any kind of business requires some investment. There are however some that require heavy investment in the structure(s) from which they will be operating. The larger the structure required, the more the investment required.

Thankfully there is a solution for this and many businesses, especially those that require very heavy investment in their buildings have turned to this solution to solve this need. We are referring to fabric covered buildings. These are known by a lot of other names including: canvas, fabric tension, fabric tent, fabric canopy, tensile fabric, tension membrane, fabric membrane, and tension fabric structures.

Other names include: clear-span fabric, clear-span steel or cover-all buildings. You may also know them as fabric Shelters. Whatever the name you know these buildings by, they come under the same umbrella and offer the same solution.

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Types of Canvas Buildings

The interesting thing is that these types of buildings have evolved over the years and can now be grouped into three groups. These are: permanent, semi-permanent and portable.


Permanence was previously something you could not associate with these types of structures. However, as advancements have been recorded in the quality and durability of the fabrics and canvas, a lot of permanent structures are now constructed with these materials.


This is probably one of the uses for which these structures have been most popular for. This is why you will find them a lot in temporary military installations and other places where strong but easily dismountable structures are required.


This is almost the same as the semi-permanent because they can be easily dismantled, moved to a different location and setup again. So it can also be said to be semi-permanent.

You can get more information about these structures here.

Benefits of Fabric Covered and Canvas Buildings

As a way of showing reasons why this construction solution has become so popular among major commercial and public endeavors, we will look at some of the benefits that they offer. There are clearly some distinct benefits that these buildings offer that have made them as popular as they currently are. Here are some of the more obvious benefits.


One of the major benefits that these types of structures offer is reduced cost. The cost of setting these up cannot be compared to what it would cost to setup a full brick and mortar structure. The reduced cost which by no means translates to reduced performance has made it a very suitable alternative.

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Ease of Setup

Aside from the cost of setting this up, the time and ease of setup is also a big benefit. Rather than waiting months to have a structure setup for operations, you can have these setup in far less a time.


There’s practically nothing that you cannot use these structures for. We will see a number of possible applications later in this article. This versatility is the reason why you will find it used in almost every industry or sector.

Low Operational Cost

The running costs of these structures are also much lower than traditional structures. For example, energy costs are much lower thanks to access to direct sunlight from the roof. This can provide all the lighting needs during the day, leaving you to turn to alternative power sources only at night.

This can also apply to temperature control. With the modern fabrics and their UV ray deflection features, the inside of the structure can be kept cool without additional cooling costs.

Low Maintenance Cost

The cost of maintenance here is also far less than what traditional structures will require. This further adds to the financial savings that can be enjoyed with the use of these buildings.


The fact that these structures can be dismantled, transported to a different location and setup again is a great advantage. Rather than having to acquire new materials each time a move is required, the same materials can be reused over and over. This clearly translates to some serious savings.

Some Practical Applications

One of the benefits we listed above was versatility. This showed that there are many applications that these buildings can be put to. We will now go ahead to list a few examples.

A few examples of the applications that these structures are put to include:

Storage Solutions

There are different storage applications that these buildings are used for. You will find examples in warehousing and storage industries as well as some mining and natural resource management industries. These buildings have been known for providing the perfect storage solutions for items like sand, salt and others.

Waste and Recycling Management

Waste management and recycling requires that the environment meet certain specifications. These building can be easily configured to meet these specifications and that is why they are now being used increasingly for this purpose.

Agricultural Applications

This is one of the industries in which they are used the most. They are used for housing livestock, storing grains and other things as well providing boarding, training and riding spaces for horses.

Events Centers

They are perfect for this which explains why a lot of events centers, churches and other spaces that hold a large number of people see it as a perfect solution for their needs.

Sports Centers

The sporting industry is not left out as many sporting centers now thrive in one of these kinds of buildings. The simple fact that they can be setup to all kinds of specifications make them just perfect for this. More modifications can also be made inside to accommodate individual sporting activities.


The truth about these buildings is that the possibilities of what you can do with them are practically limitless. It all depends on the extent of your creativity of the company you contact to set it up for you. You should therefore ensure you work with only the best so you can get the best result.