Urine Drug Testing- How to Pass A Pee Test with Synthetic Urine with Drug Testing Reviews

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No matter where you work, at some point you will have to take a drug test.  A trending topic is whether this should be done. More countries are making marijuana legal every day. They are following the footsteps of the Netherlands. But companies like to test their employees even though the states are legalizing weed. This takes us to the whole process of drug testing. Many people like to blaze it, but there is still a social stigma around it. This means that everyone will want to be clean when it’s testing time.

The best way to clear your urine of weed is not to use it in any way for a month. Thirty days are more than enough for it to leave the system. Another tactic is to go on a detoxing diet with detox pills and drinks. However, they both have their own ups and downs.

Detox Drinks and Pills

Detox drinks are most popular because they are cheaper, and they might get the job done most of the time. Things like lemon juice, vinegar, and cranberry juice are often accredited to passing drug tests. But, there is a myriad of people who lost their jobs on that basis. Be careful of who you trust when it comes to important issues.

On the other hand, detox pills will likely help more. They are specially manufactured to help your body exclude unwanted chemicals. Most of them contain fibers which make THC stick to your stool instead of your urine. In that way, they can help when the last time you smoked was a week ago. What happens when you have a day before the test? That’s where synthetic pee comes and saves the day and the job.

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Synthetic Urine

Artificial urine is something that is precisely the same as piss, but it’s actually not. It’s mimicking all of the properties of it, and you can get it for less than forty bucks. It has a degree of perfection that is an exact replica up to the pH levels and the ammonia of human urine. It is a great way to be entirely confident that no traces appear in the results.

When talking about it, bear in mind that you have to heat it. Many people want to use their friends piss instead of their own. But how confident are you that they haven’t used anything in the past month. You might even try to pay someone in a stall next to you some money to pee instead of you. Both of these things can get you in more trouble than you can imagine. They might have a disease that you know nothing about. Not to mention drugs that they won’t tell because of the money.

Let’s say you find a friend you can trust and want to use his pee instead of yours. So, you ask him to pee in a pill bottle, and then you take it and pour it into the container. If you do this, it’s like saying to them: Hey, look at me! I definitely have something in my pee. This is the worst thing that you can do for many reasons.

Mainly, pee needs to be at a certain temperature. It exits our bodies at around 90- 100 degrees Fahrenheit. And if you use a glass pill bottle, it will lose that temperature in less than five minutes. This is something that is completely ineffective when it comes to storing things at a precise heat.

But what if you use a hand warmer to heat it up when it cools down? This is also ineffective because you can’t measure just how hot or cold it needs to be. Always use synthetic urine, and you won’t bother with these kinds of problems or ideas. Here you can find great reviews of the best ones: drugtestingreviews.com.

When you get one, it comes as a kit with instructions. In there are heat activators to warm the solution before you hand it over. As well as that, there is also a thermometer to be sure. Both heating pads and heating powder work in under twenty seconds, so it will look like you are just a little bit shy. The best place to carry it is in your underwear because no one can intimately touch you. This will also help with the heating process.

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Now, there are two ways that you could be asked to do the test. It could either be supervised or unsupervised. The latter is the better. In the case you are unsupervised, you could smuggle the fake urine instead of your own. In these cases, there is a curtain in the lab, and you pee behind it. Just go there, take out the bottle and pour it into the cup they provide. Be careful not to drop it because that would need a lot of explaining.

Final Words

Supervised testing is hard to outsmart, but it can be done. Of course, this needs a little more effort. In these cases, the only thing you can do is to take a synthetic urine belt. Turn around and pretend you are holding your penis. In reality, you will be using the belt and pouring liquid from the pouch on you. Slightly squeezing the fake penis will make the solution drip into the container at a perfect temperature. They come in various shapes and colors to match your skin.

They can be found if the lab asks you to drop your underwear to your knees and pull your shirt up to your navel. This is extremely unlikely, and then the only option is to hope the results come out negative.

A great thing you can do before the judgement day is to use a home kit. In this way, you will know whether the risk is worth it or not. If you fail a home test kit, you will definitely fail the lab results. In that case, bring the synthetics with you.