Industrial Lubrication: Tips on Machine Maintenance

by mt1sn Posted on 1185 views

If you want to keep your machine in top shape to serve you for a long period of time, then you should consider practising proper care and maintenance on them.

Whether it is a specific attachment, a motor or any other moving part, you cannot ignore the importance of conducting regular checkups just to ensure that everything is fine. Of course, you would really hate it if your machine broke down while working just because you haven’t been taking care of it, right?

Therefore, you need to dedicate some time and have a look at your machine regularly to also confirm that it is safe for work. To do this, below are some tips you can use.

  • Lubrication

When talking about machine maintenance, there’s no way lubrication can miss on the list. This is simply because it is a very important aspect when it comes to taking care of machines.

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It is therefore recommended that machines which are always used on a daily basis should be inspected at least once a week to check on the industrial lubrication levels. Proper lubrication always helps the machine to stay in a great shape over a long period of time.

This should include Greasing and oiling all the moving parts both inside and outside. Failure to do so will cause the machine to break down fast thus bringing you losses.

  • Cleanliness

Well, in as much as this might sound a bit too obvious, many people still forget to clean up their machines after using them. You need to ensure that the machine is kept clean regularly after use.

Doing this daily or even once a week will ensure that your machine is operating at maximum capacity. It is never a good idea to assume the cleanliness of a machine as this can also lead to your machine breaking down.

For instance, if you haven’t been cleaning your machine, dust and grim will accumulate on some parts and this might bring long term problems like rust among others. They can also lead to the machine malfunctioning if not given a quick attention.

  • Sharpening important parts

If at all you are using a machine that has some parts designed for cutting, chopping, slicing or sharpening, then you need to ensure that these parts remain sharp as they can be.

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Working with blunt objects when they are supposed to be sharp will not only waste your time but will also interfere with the quality of your production. This shows how much of importance a routine check can be.

Especially for those machines used for cutting other materials. The cut materials need to maintain the correct shape and it should be done accurately. This makes sharpening one of the important maintenance practices that shouldn’t be overlooked.

  • Checking the alignment specifications

You also need to be checking how the parts of your machine are aligned. It is always not a good idea to use a tool or machine that has some of its components misaligned.

Working with a machine in such a state will most definitely also have a negative impact when it comes to the production quality. For you to whether your machine is properly aligned or not, you will have to carry out a simple test by running a few jobs and check the suspected parts and how they are working currently.

If you find the alignment is not good, then see to it that the machine is properly realigned, and it is functioning accurately. Click here to learn more on machine alignment.

  • Parts and accessories

For the general maintenance of the machine, it is also a good practice to ensure that all the components and other accessories are also well taken care of. This can easily be done by implementing some good storage practices on them.

By keeping them responsibly, you will be preventing them from getting damaged thus making them fit to be used on the machine. Of course, the machine wouldn’t function right with a defective part, right? This is why you also need to take good care of all the accessories that are important to the machine.


These are just a few tips that can get you started on how you can take good care of your machines. Practice proper maintenance can see you get the most out of your machine for a long period of time. One of the importance of machine maintenance is that, you can avoid any extra costs when you have to go for repairs among other things. Start taking good care of your machines now and enjoy some long-lasting benefits.