Passing Drug Tests with and healing through the process of detoxification

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When the ingestion of solid food is stopped, the stomach is naturally emptied and a “forced vacation” begins. All the energies used in the digestion process are now being used and directed to disposal systems. During the detoxification treatment, using natural juices, alkaline water, Vitarium Spa therapies, and physical exercise, walking in nature – there may be a series of symptoms that are part of the so-called elimination crisis.

It is important to share your detox with your states; have faced such situations and will give you information, explanations and help you support the body in this purification effort.

Symptoms of cold

As the body begins to remove toxins, lymphatic system, sinus cavities, lungs and other tissues in the body will become active in the process of purification. You will notice how the body begins to eliminate organic mucous.

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These macros can be transparent, yellow, green and even brown or black. Congestions are acidic and can cause inflammation and bleeding of the tissues. You may experience a feeling of nausea and sore throat. It’s because the mucus and toxins are being eliminated to help you with passing a drug test.

In some cases, there is a persistent feeling of hunger, appetite, which usually disappears after two to three days. This is due to the irritating conditions present as well as the time allocated for Pre-Detox.

Intermittent and continuous pain

During detoxification processes painful episodes of different duration may occur. If there is a state of exhaustion in the body at one level or another, intermittent or continuous pain will manifest it. The body will strive, displace the toxicity, and push it outward. This process can cause pain in affected areas. The pain of any kind is typical in the detoxification process and does not have to scare. After the crisis (the crisis of elimination), you will notice the particular fortification of the painful area before. Pain results from the acidity produced by the inflammatory process and occurs in places where energy blockages caused by toxins, clots, cholesterol deposits, acidic (uric, calcium, etc.) deposits occur in the body.

Nausea and vomiting

The stomach will be disturbed from time to time by the neighbor organ which during detoxification is predominantly the elimination organ and that secretes the gallbladder in large amounts into the digestive tract. Some of them can get into the stomach causing nausea and vomiting. Stomach vomiting is a normal state where the stomach expresses the need to remove toxins and mucositis quickly. However, vomiting is a rare occurrence during this program.

In any case, if the feeling of nausea occurs, it is more appropriate to release the stomach from this toxin content than allow it to remain at the risk of some of it being involuntarily reabsorbed in the body. In this sense, the consumption of warm water, about 1 liter at a time, will ease the vomiting and at the same time will clean the stomach.

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Ginger, mint, mallow or chamomile tea are shown to relieve stomach pain and spasms.

Energy depletion or fatigue

Because they decompose and release toxins from tissues in the bloodstream, the side effects that the toxin produces can be felt again. Generally, the wearier a body is, the higher the number of toxins accumulated. Besides these, there may be other causes that can cause energy loss. In these cases, it takes more rests per day, especially since all the stimulants (coffee, tea, refined sugars) have been removed from the diet. It causes the body to get energy from other organs. Ultimately, however, they will cause weakening of the actual energy centers of the body: the glands. If we stop stimulating, we’ll feel exhausted. Check this out.

Fatigue will pass after a period to consume juices.The process does not happen overnight, but with perseverance, you will get the desired result.

Permanent and constant stimulation of the body with coffee, tea, etc. dissimulates the real cause of this condition. Most of the energy we use during our life comes from stimulated cellular activity. Power must be dynamic, not induced.

A white-yellowish whip on the tongue

It is an indicator that the body detoxifies itself. Clean your tongue every morning (before drinking any) or several times a day with a toothpaste containing clay. The recommendation is to continue cleaning your tongue after detoxification. This fever appears until the toxins in the body are eliminated moreover, cleaning it up is one of the positive signals that indicate complete detoxification. However, during detoxification, when the body’s secretions continue to be acidic, the apparently clean tongue may appear. “Acid Tongue“ is nevertheless easily recognizable in combination with other symptoms of elimination among which the occurrence of small ulcers in the membrane of the mouth or even the tongue. Like the tongue, breathing becomes loaded with disagreeable odors that are stronger at the beginning detoxification. The gradual improvement of this situation is an indicator of the process of purification that the body undergoes.

Bloating, intestinal gas In the first phase of detoxification, it is possible to experience the sensation of bloating and gas in the intestines, which can be explained by the beginning of the intestinal plaque removal. Hydrocolonotherapy is very useful in resolving this sensation by eliminating the cause.