How You Can Grow Your Business with Social Media

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Every business owner needs a solid social media presence to grow their business and brand. You must build and maintain a solid presence across the major social media networks, which requires time and effort

The return on time and effort investment is well-worth it to grow your business and brand.

Your Social Networks – The major social networks for your business presence should include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

  • Facebook business page
  • Instagram business page
  • Pinterest business account
  • Groups

Business pages and profiles are a must on social networks. Learn the ins and outs of all these social networks, configure them to meet your criteria, and start sharing relevant content across them all.

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Create Appealing Promotions – Social media is a prime venue for creating promotions and events like giveaways, special deals and discounts, and sales. When you create them as an exclusive to social media, it draws attention to it for users and allows you to reach out by creating a brand buzz across the social platforms.

  • BOGO Discounts
  • Holiday Specials
  • Social Media Appreciation Events
  • Contests

With so many people using different social media networks, the value of offering special promotions exclusive to social media users offers real growth potential. Everyone benefits from a great promotional offer.

Be Customer-Centric – Let your customers know you’re real and human by engaging with them across social media channels. While you may not personally have time to engage every day, you can outsource some of your engagement of even schedule or automate it.

  • Hire a social media management professional
  • Train an employee to exclusively manage your social media
  • Experiment with automation tools and bots, but take care not to overuse them

Knowing you respond quickly to questions, concerns, and complaints on social media (in comments or in messages), shows you are customer-centric and ready to help in any way you can to resolve problems.

This kind of engagement is also ideal when they give you or an employee a compliment. Be grateful and offer them something special for their thoughts sometimes. When your customers take the time to make you look good, you can take the time to show your gratefulness.

Be Consistent – Think about how you feel when someone starts helping you do something, then they show up less frequently to help until they are gone. That’s inconsistent. Social media users want to see consistency in your posts because it shows you’re consistent i your business practices.

  • 2-7 posts per week
  • Industry-specific articles
  • Infographics
  • Your company’s story

Since you’re using an online venue to reach out to people, consider how consistency will keep your brand out there to see. Consider using images of fun things you do at the office, infographics related to your industry, and informative tips and articles that are useful to your audience to engage.

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These are basic ways to build your business and brand across the major social networks. Watch your analytics and use them to boost your presence on the social platforms that perform the best for you, while maintaining your presence on other networks. Use your time wisely and efficiently, and you will grow.


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