A Guide to the Best Orbital Sanders

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The low profile design of the orbital sanders makes them highly durable and efficient in operations. The integral parts of the device include a sleek metallic body, efficient motor, dust collection port, muffler, power port, abrasive tool (replaceable), air/ water connection and cooling ports as basic parts. The standard sanders are mostly made from aluminum body with vibration proof structure and enhanced operator control.  The wrist control part of the device is extended till the base abrasive tool holder to provide perfect grip and direction control. The other options to consider are the tool diameter size, power consumption, lever size, Rotation per Minute (RPM) and the efficiency of the accessories. Pre lubricated orbital sanders make your operations go smooth and extend the lifetime of the internal bearings.

Best Orbital Sanders – Efficient Design

  • Sander Motor: – Motor is the core part of sanders design. Rotation capacity of 10,000 RPM (0.2HP to 0.24HP) is considered to be good enough for most of the tough applications. With an efficient speed controlling device you will be able to adjust the rotation according to your requirements accurately. The load withstanding capacity of the motor works best when connected to 100V (64-HZ) AC power supply. Check for the difference between zero load speed and full load speed and choose the one with lowest value.
  • Safety Controls: – The protective case for the motor and other internal parts will be efficient enough to absorb the shocks and vibrations during operation. A recessed lever will ensure minimum vibrations and allows smooth flow of the device on rugged surfaces. Wrist protection includes a strong and flexible rubber frame above the aluminum handle. This is capable of absorbing the shocks and provides slip free grip. You need to follow the instructions on the product manual for ensuring safety during operation. The dust exhaust with the hose and dust collection bag will ensure protection from flying dust and particles. However, it is recommended you wear dust protection glasses and mask.
  • Sander Disk: – The sanding disk is another important part of the orbital sander. Generally it contains punched holes in the form of a circle (8-10) to absorb the dust and particles. It can be fit with the backing pad to attach to the main sander device. The diameter of the disk varies from 4” to 5.5” depending on the size and capacity of the sander.
  • Sander Assembly: – The efficiency of the sander depends equally on the assembly parts like the bush holder, bearing sleeve, dust collector, washer, base plate and the brackets. Make sure the screw and the base ring assembly is strong enough to withstand any kind of vibrations. You will be able to test it by working at a full load speed of 5000RPM to 7000RPM. If the assembly is able to withstand the pressure for more than 8 minutes of continuous running, you can consider the quality to be good.
  • Sander Muffler: – The internal muffler plays an important role in reducing the noise level while working. The assembly can absorb the noise generated by the motor, disk and the moving parts to reduce the noise to the maximum levels from 5DB to 7DB.
  • Portable Tank: – This is generally an optional part with 2-3 gallons of water capacity with a pressure of 25-50PSI. When connected to the sander it can ensure continuous supply of water (or other liquid used in sanding).

Best Orbital Sanders – External Assembly

  • Sander handle: – The sander handle with integrated support for the wrist plays an important role in safety. The angular design of the handle ensures maximum grip over the device while working on slopes and curves.
  • Metal Housing: – The metal housing is the part that practically contains all the internal parts. Generally it is made soft aluminum.

Best Orbital Sanders – Working Efficiency

  • Surface Coverage: – The volume of surface area covered per minute determines the speed of device. The surface finishing after the operation determines the quality of the device. The best orbital sanders are capable of working on any kind of uneven surfaces (also with paint) without hassles.
  • Operation Standard: – Look for UL (Underwriter Laboratory) certification (or others like BS etc in Europe), which endorses the best quality orbital sander with highest level of safety.
  • Safety Levels: – The orbit sander can provide the best safety features when you secure the workpiece to a fixed stand and fasten it. The entire sanding disk surface has to be in physical contact with the workpiece during operation. The assemblies of carbon brush, holder, power sockets, dust outlets, washers, brake rings and dust proof ring are designed to provide highest level of protection to your hands and body while sanding.

Best Orbital Sanders – Power Packed Accessories

Replaceable sander disks come with various diameters and holes. They can be used with air powered sanders to get the best surface finishing for top surface finishing of the workpiece. The hardness factors of the disk could be rigid, medium or soft depending on the surface being sanded. The standard diameter could be from 3” to 6”.

  • Dust Bags: – The dust bags for orbital sanders come with a capacity of 0.5LBS to 3LBS. They are generally made with combination of eco friendly synthetic materials with complete sealing.
  • Tool Lubricant: – The tool lubricant is an accessory tool used for storing the liquid and lubricating the critical parts of the sander.
  • Maintenance Kit: – The maintenance kit for the orbit sanders comes with fastener and screw extractor and drivers. Cleaning brushes, spare screws, calibration tools, wrist support kits, extender power cords, voltage stabilizers and power plug accessories. You can learn to maintain the sander through Do it yourself procedures when it comes to preventive care. For corrective measures in cases of breakdown and major faults you might need to take the help of a professional.

The recommended practice is to use manufacturer recommended accessories and spare parts for ensuring safety and functionality. This approach can extend the working life of the best orbital sanders for many years through simple preventive maintenance. The device downtime gets reduced considerably while sustaining the motor efficiency and device performance.