The Need Of Using Silicon Free Shampoo

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Taking caring of hair from dust, sunlight and other things are really important. In order to keep hairs healthy, most of the people use hair care products like shampoo and condition but there are many things which most of the people don’t know about it. Most of the shampoos available in the market have silicone in it which can be harmful to your hairs.

Basically, silicone help in making your hair shiny and smooth but this thing doesn’t last for a day. Moreover; this thing is bad for your hair because it damage its roots and there are chances of hair fall. Always use hair care products which don’t have silicone in it. Read more at

Actually, very few people know that what silicone is. Basically, this is a polymer in which silicon and oxygen atoms are based on a chain of these elements alternatives. There are many types of silicone used in shampoos and most of the companies try the different one for best results. The main difference is if they are water resistant or not. The producers know already about the problems of the waterproof silicones and like to get rid about the bad reputation.

Benefit Of Using Silicone Free Hair Products

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The first benefit you get with the use of a silicone free haircare/shampoo is in stopping the hair fall. Silicone damages the roots but shampoos which don’t have anything like silicon are able to help to recover the roots from damage. There are many brands available in the market which is providing their shampoos with no silicone added in it. if you want to purchase the best product which can be helpful for hairs then make sure that you check out reviews of all products available.

First of all, you will get to know about the product well and its outcomes. On the other hand, this way you can make sure that your hair gains healthy growth. The best silicone free haircare/shampoo has the couple of things to notice. You can also try sulfate free shampoo for the better experience. You will find your hair getting good growth. Very few hairs fall is the good sign and it will be many times less than before. This is the basic need of everyone. On the other hand, there are many keratin shampoos that can be helpful to you.

What’s More About The Use Of Silicon Free Shampoo

As you know that silicone is able to coat your hair and the coating is waterproof which provide you shiny hairs. This is sure that these hairs look good but in starting, these hairs look rough, damaged and dry. When you use a product which has silicone then it provides shinier looks. However; this shine is for a day and the regular use can cause more trouble like permanent root damage.

Some persons which are changing to silicon free hair products are on the beginning a little disappointed about the success for there hair. It is not as shiny as before and even sometimes it looks a little unhealthy after the first treatments.

This is because the silicones have to be removed first from the hair and that takes some time. You can speed up this process with natron which can be bought in any pharmacy, and this will remove the silicone layer of your hair with one or two treatments.

Only after the hair is silicone free it can start to recover by itself. This is when the silicone free haircare is really starting to work and recovers your hair back to natural beauty and health. When the hair is not covered with silicones the vitamins, proteins and keratin which is added to the beauty products can reach the hair shaft and do its work, which was impossible before.

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The not natural look from the silicones will go from the hair and the natural beauty and shine will come. This makes your hair not only more beautiful, it also recovers the health of your hair and skull and brings you a long time success, over the short time artificial silicone look.

Sometimes you may have noticed that the shampoo isn’t working and this thing happens after a couple of months. Well, the hairs are damaged and you have to stop using the same old product  otherwise there is no chance it can be recovered. Always use products with natural ingredients. These are expensive but healthy for your hairs growth. Never compromise when this comes to the use of health care products.