What is Spotify Verification and How Do You Get It?

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Spotify verification is one part of a larger process that will get you features as an artist on Spotify. Artist accounts differ from normal user accounts and have lots of benefits for musicians. However, to access those benefits, you’ll need to go through the Artist application process. Fortunately, this is not too complicated a process and you can easily complete it in just a few steps.

To begin the process, you’ll need to gain access to Spotify for Artists. All music that’s placed on Spotify must be properly licensed, so Spotify first has to check any distribution deals with labels and distributors. Artists who are signed to a label will want to consult with them about getting onto Spotify. If you’re not signed, you can begin the process of becoming a verified artist by signing with an aggregator, who will deliver your music to Spotify and collect royalties for you.

Before you can access Spotify for Artists, you’ll have to have a Spotify account. Sign up for an account using your email or Facebook account. Once you’re on Spotify, you can make adjustments to your artist profile from your Spotify homepage. This home page is where all of your music and content is, and it’s where fans will arrive when discovering your music. This is the site where your new released will be channeled and where visitors can find out about your tours and merchandise. You have full management control of your profile ad can update images, playlists, and make artist picks. You can gain access to Spotify for Artists by going through a brief sign up process.

After you’ve completely signed up and had your music posted to Spotify, you can start the verification process. Spotify Verification lets your fans know that the artist profile on Spotify belongs to you. If you get access to Spotify for Artists, you’ll automatically become verified on Spotify. After you’ve been verified, you’ll find a blue check mark added to your profile. Following your sign up, you’ll have to wait until Spotify completes its verification process to complete. You may not receive your blue checkmark right away, and you may actually end up waiting for a few weeks before you see that you’ve been verified.

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Once your verification process is over, you’ll have access to analytics that detail how many people are listening to your music. You’ll also have access to demographics data that will help you understand who is listening to your music and from what part of the world. This is very valuable for better understanding who your core audience is. Demographic data can help you better identify who your music appeals to on the basis of factors like gender and age. This is in addition to all of the customization options you’ll have access to. Also, you’ll find that followers from your original Spotify account transfer over to your artist page.

One thing to keep in mind with regard to verification is that your bio information is pulled from Rovio’s database. If you notice that your biographic information on your About tab is inaccurate, you’ll have to contact Rovi directly to have them make adjustments to your profile. Spotify does not handle bio information on its end, and while you can customize different parts of your profile, you won’t be able to make changes to your bio information directly.

To best maximize your artist profile, you’ll want to make sure your face is clearly centered in the middle of your profile pic. Avoid using any writing in the image, particularly brand names, and make sure the background is a clean image. This will guarantee your viewers can clearly see who you are. Also make sure the image promotes you, the artist, and not an album or tour. Following these simple guidelines will help guarantee that more people become familiar with you and your work. Failure to adhere to some of these guidelines might also result in Spotify removing your image, which will rob you of one of your promotional tools.  With an accurate picture, you help your audience connect to you as an artist.