10 Plus-Size Fashion Rules to Throw Out of the Window

by mt1sn Posted on 3701 views

There are a lot of supposed ‘rules’ that plus-sized women should follow, but those rules are slowly going out of the window. Now, people have more options about what to wear than ever before. Here are ten rules for plus-sized people that you should feel free to ignore.

Crop Tops and Flat Stomachs

For far too long, plus-sized women have been told not to bare their stomachs with crop tops and other similar outfits. It’s time that changed. There’s no size limit on crop tops, so feel free to start wearing your own.

Form Fitting Garments Will Make You Look Too Big

One of the rules for plus-sized people is not to wear any clothing that’s too tight or clings too much to your body. Many claim this will make you look too big, but even if that were true, it doesn’t matter. You are who you are and you shouldn’t feel like you have to hide that, so put on those form fitting clothes and get out there.

Going Sleeveless Will Make Your Arms Look Fat

Yet another rule designed to make you look like anything but yourself is the rule to not wear sleeveless clothes. This is yet another way people try and get you to cover up who you are, even when it means missing out on trendy and amazing clothing. You’ve got nothing to hide, so proudly rock those sleeveless pieces of clothing. Plus, sleeveless is the way to go during hot weather.

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Wearing Mesh Will Make You Look Too Big

If there’s a trend in a lot of these so-called rules, it’s that you should avoid letting you be you. The rule stating you shouldn’t wear mesh is designed to help you cover up yourself, but again, why should that be the case? Your body is your body, and there’s no sense in being ashamed in it. Plus, mesh outfits look fabulous, so you shouldn’t miss out on using it as part of your ensemble.

Avoid Wearing Any Low-Rise Underwear or Bikinis

Society puts a big emphasis on how outfits like bikinis can accentuate the curves of a thinner individual, but why should you miss out on the fun of wearing some of these outfits? If you’re looking for something cute and sexy, these low-cut pieces are a great addition to your wardrobe.

Bright Colors Draw Too Much Attention

There’s a big emphasis in these rules on trying to pull attention away from your body, but why should you do that? Bright colors do draw attention, but that’s not a bad thing. You’re body isn’t something to be embarrassed by, and some of those bright colors you’ve avoided can really make your outfits look stylish.

It’s Best to Wear Shapewear Beneath Your Clothes

Shapewear is designed to help contour your body and hide your appearance, but there’s no reason to do that. You don’t need to lock yourself up with clothing that’s potentially very uncomfortable.

Don’t Wear Crazy Patterns

Much like the rule on not wearing bright clothes, people advise you not to wear crazy patterns because it can draw attention to your body. Crazy patterns look great though, so you should feel free to go with as many jaw dropping and eye dazzling patterns as you’d like. This is especially true if you are going out to a club or disco – the more crazier your plus size clubbing outfit the more you will stand out and thats great.

Don’t Wear Button Down Shirts

It is true that button down shirts can be a little tighter than other, looser clothing. Who cares? They look great and can really give you a sharp appearance. Feel free to wear as many button-down shirts as you’d like. They’re a class part of any wardrobe that you shouldn’t feel like you have to avoid.

If You’re Wearing All Black, You’re Trying to Hide Yourself

With as many rules as there are encouraging women to hide themselves, the black on black rule is confusing. People advise against plus-sized individuals wearing black on black. The thought is that black on black means a plus-sized person is trying to hide their proportions. The thing is, black on black can look amazing, so don’t be afraid to dress how you want.

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