What should you feed your dog with food allergies?

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What is all the fuss about hypoallergenic dog foods? You hear veterinarians nowadays saying that you might want to think about feeding your dog hypoallergenic dog food even if it’s known to be allergic to any particular foods? “What…? That doesn’t make any sense,” you may be saying. Well, it does. Let’s find out why ...
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Let’s Talk About Road Scooters

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“Life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved,” said Winnie the Pooh. We do agree that the cuddly bear does have a point there. However, the journey of life is sprinkled with highs and lows. In order to experience the highs, we have to overcome the lows and continue to ...
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Why Do We All Dread Visiting the Dentist?

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A trip to the dentist isn’t exactly the most enjoyable experience. The idea of having bright lights shining in your face while someone pokes and prods your mouth isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. While many people don’t look forward to going to the dentist, they still go without hesitation because they know how important proper ...
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Dutch Arms Trafficker to Liberia Given War Crimes Conviction

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Conflict in Liberia has led to ongoing conflicts and violent struggles as different individuals smuggle weapons into the country. One such individual, Guus Kouwenhoven, was recently convicted for doing just this. Kouwenhoven was not present in court during the time of the ruling. Kouwenhoven served as an international timber trader who moved his goods in ...
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What is Spotify Verification and How Do You Get It?

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Spotify verification is one part of a larger process that will get you features as an artist on Spotify. Artist accounts differ from normal user accounts and have lots of benefits for musicians. However, to access those benefits, you’ll need to go through the Artist application process. Fortunately, this is not too complicated a process ...
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